Ludo Collingwood

Ludovic was born in France in 1968, his family emigrated to Australia in 1972. Although the family's first port of call was in Melbourne they soon journeyed to North Queensland

Ludo has had a passion for imaginative drawing from a very early age which was coupled with a childhood of running free in the wilderness of northern Queensland.

Ludo swapped his pencil for a paintbrush in 1986 when he embarked on a full-time career as an artist and has continued his life long passion of expressing himself creatively through his art works which are inspired by the natural world. Ludo's main inspiration comes from the evolutionary process of creativity and to him the journey is more important than the point of arrival.

He has worked in the mediums of oils, acrylics, pen & ink and also does airbrush art on surfboards.

The essence of Ludo's work lies in his ability to observe our world and interpret his observations in a way that a sense of wonder and joyful appreciation will resonate in us and recall a sense of deep connection with the natural world.