Australis Art Gallery is situated in Kuranda, the picturesque mountain retreat, nestled at 400 metres altitude, 25 km northwest of Cairns, surrounded by lush World Heritage Rainforest.

What is the importance of Art in modern society? More than ever, art is a medium that can serve to re-awaken our senses that are so easily overwhelmed by the onslaught of modern living, the loss of closeness to the natural world and the fast pace of our daily lives.

Artists have chosen a different path - their journey is often paved by solitude, observation, reflection, introspection. They stand back to absorb, experience and commune with the natural world so they can in turn digest and interpret this in their individual style and medium. They have a willingness to keep on questioning and re-inventing themselves in the elusive search for the essence of all things. Through their interpretations we have been given a chance to reconnect not only to the great beauty of the universe but also to a forgotten part of ourselves as an intricate part of a whole. How many times have we been touched beyond words by a work of art? Art speaks to us, not in a verbal sense, but it whispers a message of recognition, remembering and knowing beyond words within our core being.

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